Leadership Collier Foundation

The mission of the Leadership Collier Foundation (LCF), a 501(c) 3 corporation, is to build a broad-based network of community leaders who enhance their leadership abilities and skills through continuing education, shared perspectives and community involvement in order to enable them to work toward solutions in the public interest. The Foundation accomplishes this through the program it governs:

  • Leadership Collier™
  • Growing Associates in Naples™ (GAIN™)
  • Youth Leadership Collier™
  • Campaign for Leadership™
  • Leadership Institute™

Through the work of the LCF Alumni Association™, graduates continue to build alliances, foster goodwill and civic trusteeship that will strengthen Collier County through nonprofit organizations, local government boards and our schools while enhancing relations with other like-minded, influential community leaders.

The LCF Board of Directors sets policy for all of the leadership programs produced and/or administered by the LCF.

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Thank you to the gracious support of our Chamber Legacy Leaders