Public Policy

The goal of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce is to make Collier County the best place in America to live, work and visit by promoting a quality of life which attracts the country’s next generation of talent.

This goal is premised on the proposition that good jobs are vital to creating economic prosperity and economic prosperity is essential to sustaining a superior quality of life for all of our residents. The goal is to be achieved through three principal objectives.

Creating a Business Friendly Community

Working through established alliances with key business and civic groups, The Chamber will lead a robust public policy initiative around a back to basics commitment to the core economic foundations needed to create a business friendly community which embraces good jobs and the people that generate them. These core economic foundations are embodied in the six pillars described on the attached appendix. Each emphasize investing first in our community and building on what we as a community do well. This initiative will be coordinated with the Florida Chamber’s Six Pillars and aligned with its strategic objectives.

Investing in the People of Collier County
The Chamber believes that preeminent among these pillars is cultivating a highly skilled, globally competitive workforce that meets the needs of local businesses, supports emerging technological and innovative industries, leverages existing community assets, and recognizes trends in target industries which coalesce around those assets. This initiative represents an overarching community commitment to investing in local people to meet the needs of targeted industries already existing in our community by connecting them to our educational providers. We hope to thereby develop an asset which has sustaining value which can adapt to emerging opportunities as and when they arise.

Building Public Consensus

The Chamber recognizes that a local economic diversification initiative ultimately cannot and will not be successful unless it is embraced by citizens of Collier County as a measurable, targeted, performance based and funded public policy objective adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. The plan to create high wage jobs and the funds to accomplish the plan must be in place before, not after, the opportunity arises; the plan must be validated by the citizens of Collier County it purports to serve by articulating a value proposition for why good jobs are vital to the quality of life all residents want to enjoy.

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