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Quarterly Employment and Wages by Industry

Employment information by industry comes from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The QCEW provides the average number of employees, establishments and wage both by quarter (Quarterly Table, Quarterly Chart) and by year (Annual Table, Annual Chart). The data used in the QCEW covers all establishments that report to the Unemployment Insurance programs in the United States, and cover approximately 97 percent of all wage and salary civilian employment in the country.

Analysis can be broken down by ownership type. Private ownership only considers establishments in the private sector, while total ownership includes private establishments as well as local, state and federal establishments.

Collier County’s average annual wage for all industries (public and private) was $63,085 in 2022. Industries paying the highest average annual wage in this same timeframe were Management of Companies and Enterprises ($258,267); Finance and Insurance ($186,798); Wholesale Trade ($108,612); Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services ($106,463) and Utilities ($98,530).